Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible, as long as your license allows it, we remind you that our licenses can now attribute the number of websites that you require, we recommend that you purchase the license that best fits you.

Yes. You can edit the theme as you see fit but we're not responsible for any issue or problem it might cause.

Simply choose the product you want, click download then select the license you want and click download again. The just complete the payment and you'll instantly be able to download the product through the account dashboard.

We currently don't. We currently accept payments through paypal only but we're planning to add more payment gateways in future.

No. Refund is not possible because it is a digital product. We only allow refund under very special circumstances like duplicated payment or when the product was never download and license was never used.

Yes. But requests are subject to approval and may or may not be accepted depends on the complexity of your request.

Yes, the idea of PsyThemes is to update it with new improvements and proposals from the clients themselves through our ideas forum. We do not guarantee a minimum of updates but we do not have a limit, there will be enough updates.

You will get support & updates from us for a lifetime or as long as we're running.

BETA features are temporary features that is release for testing purposes to so see if it would be beneficial or not. It may or may not be removed depends on the stability of the said feature.