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License Upgrade is now avialable!
Started by PsyThemes

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07-21-2017, 02:33 AM -
Have you ever wanted to increase your license but don't want to purchase another license and pay for another high price? Well here's your chance!

We've added the license upgrade option on the account dashboard. You will see the upgrade link on your license page.

So what really is a license upgrade? License upgrade makes it easier for you to increase your domain license by just paying additional price to your existing payment instead of paying the entire price again. It means you dont have to pay the full amount of the license you're upgrading for to get it.  

You even have the chance to upgrade your license in a much cheaper price!

How it works?

Original Price - Existing license price - additional discount = CHEAPER UPGRADE PRICE

PsyPlay Upgrading Options:
Upgrade your license into: 2 Sites $29.99
Upgrade your license into: 5 Sites $79.99
Upgrade your license into:  10 Sites $99.99

Now compare it to the original prices and see the difference. 

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